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Have a glance at the images of the person to the right. Just how do you feel she was feeling when she arrived at our office with the spinal structure (in her photo on the left ~before)? Do you think she felt significantly better and functioned far better after we adjusted her spine (after)? However she doesn't simply feel a lot better and appear significantly better on the outside. Notice, very poor spinal core framework results in unnatural deterioration on the muscles, bones along with joints of the spinal column. We call this accelerated aging or even spinal decay. Take note of the middle example. On the left hand side is a degenerated joint. Since the joint experienced inadequate positioning, wear and tear has damaged it. See the way the cartilage is definitely broken down and tattered (yellow arrow). Maintaining the body in very good alignment will protect against this sort of spinal joint decay. At this point check out the cartilage between the properly aligned bones (green arrow), observe how the cartilage continues to be maintained and just how plump and wholesome it remains?

So the question is, how do you wish to age? You do have a choice.

Before       After

Figures 9-11 above: Proper alignment doesn’t just look better, it may slow down spinal degeneration and decay! (see text for details)

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