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 I am pleased to say that patients within our office generally respond significantly better and much more quickly compared to the published "best dose". Quite simply, our procedures typically out-perform the “best dose” recommendations published in the medical literature. We feel our results are superior to the published typical results due to the fact 1. we attempt to correct the spinal column, not only alleviate symptoms along with 2. we utilize additional innovative treatment protocols as well as our own spinal correction approach to chiropractic. For instance acupuncture therapy, laser therapy and spinal decompression to mention just a couple.

So if you are fortunate enough to be categorized as a rapid responder (and the majority of our patient are), we wouldn't need to see you several times per week for an additional 4-6 weeks just like the scientific studies advise. As an alternative we're going to need to see you a lot less frequently! However we are going to need to help you eventually. Notice, getting you away from suffering and changing your core spinal framework, while generally executed rapidly with our techniques, nevertheless involves time to redesign the ligaments, muscles, and joints. To put it is as simply as possible, as soon as your spine has been remedied back in the direction of normal, to have it preserve its enhanced structure, it will require some time and additional work. The reason being the soft tissues assisting the spine need time and energy to be refurbished and remolded.

This does not require a large number of treatments, however it will take some time. However, it is well worth your time and effort, simply because possessing a corrected spinal column minimizes deterioration on the spine and therefore spinal decay as we discussed on prior pages. The normal rapid responder within our office will be needing an additional 6-8 appointments spanning a Two month period of time for a total of approximately 10-12 visits over about six weeks. Following this plan of action will be accomplished, the spinal column ought to be stable within the new corrected positioning. An alignment more likely to provide you with the long-term alleviation you happen to be searching for.

Figure 15: When we look at someone’s posture and their spinal structure, we can predict areas of the spine that are likely to undergo accelerated spinal degeneration and decay. We can do this because we know that abnormal structure leads to stress and strain on the vertebrae, ligaments and the discs. This results in spinal decay like in the vertebrae illustrated above.

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Figure 14: Poor spinal alignment leads to premature spinal degeneration and decay. See the text to the left for more details

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