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Dystonia Therapy

Dystonia therapy should be highly personalized.

Despite the fact that there is currently no cure for dystonia, numerous treatment methods are readily available. No individual approach will probably be suitable for each and every patient.

The objective of treatment for dystonia is to help minimize the signs and symptoms of muscle spasms, discomfort, and uncomfortable postures. The ultimate objective is to enhance the  quality of your life and assist a person’s functionality with the fewest side effects possible. In the majority of circumstances, the best suited type of health practitioner to deal with dystonia is a movement disorder specialist. Developing a reasonable treatment strategy demands clear communication and perseverance on the part of both the afflicted person and the physician. Try to make the effort to find the most experienced health practitioner you can, and somebody with whom you feel secure.

Treating dystonia is an art as much as it is a discipline, individuals should feel work to track down the most well-trained and knowledgeable doctor you can find.

For innovative dystonia treatment options call  Dr. Kukurin 412-381-4453

Dr. Kukurin’s results with dystonia have been published in a scientific journal indexed in the National Library of Medicine.


Hope and Help for People Suffering From Dystonia in The Pittsburgh Area.

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