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It is our own viewpoint that it is practically impossible to acquire long lasting pain relief unless and right up until a patient's central framework (the spine) is corrected. Anything significantly less is likely to result in a brief mend and the dependence on frequent and continuing treatments. Inability to improve the spinal core is the reason why signs and symptoms recur and patients need to be cared for repeatedly. Failure to adjust the spinal core is why countless chiropractors become accused of having patients come back for appointments again-and-again. They simply never genuinely repair the condition, the spinal core. You should not permit this to happen to you!

Your hips and pelvis make up the foundation of your own spinal column. Your backbone is definitely the primary foundation to your entire body. When you have misalignments and a weak pelvic foundation, your complete core is going to be under pressure. Much like complications in the foundation of a building may result in stress and malfunction of the structure above the foundation, inadequate spinal structure and misalignment of the pelvis will result in problems through the entire entire spine. The spine or your core, is placed upon the pelvis which happens to be the cornerstone of the spine. Have a look at the patients to the right. They had already been seen by a variety of other medical professionals before she consulted with this office. It did not take me very long to determine precisely why they weren’t obtaining any long lasting pain relief regardless of years of treatment. Are you able to observe how altered their pelvis is?

Figure 7. A poor foundation will stress everything above it, leading to eventual failure.

Figure 8. A proper system can restore the foundation and the spine above it to proper alignment. Optimal spinal structure is the key to long lasting relief of neck and back pain.

Long lasting Pain Relief Should Be One of Your Treatment Goals

Your spine is the core foundation for your entire body.

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