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Finding the right doctor in the Pittsburgh area to provide you with safe and effective laser acupuncture treatment can be a daunting task. The first thing you need to know is that to practice acupuncture in the State of Pennsylvania, a practitioner must be licensed.  So before you trust your health to a practitioner, check his or her license.  

The next thing you need to know is that there are many types of licensed practitioners  of acupuncture in the state. Some are also doctors of medicine, others doctors of osteopathy some are doctors of chiropractic, in addition to being licensed to administer acupuncture to patients. Many other practitioners of acupuncture are not doctors.

Next consider that there are many different styles and systems of acupuncture. We practice laser stimulation only (no needles).

Some are based on tradition, folklore or even superstition. Other systems are based on modern science, neurology and scientific clinical studies. We are science based.

Does it hurt? Some systems of acupuncture are designed to aggressively stimulate the acupuncture points. This can be an unpleasant experience. Other styles of acupuncture strive to be completely painless. Laser point stimulation like we use is typically painless. It's important to know the philosophy of the acupuncturist, before you let him or her start to insert needles into your body.  

Depending on the insurance company, your individual coverage and the practitioner you choose, some insurance plans may help you pay for your acupuncture treatment. Other practitioners that don't participate with insurance plans will charge you a strict out-of-your-pocket cash fee for your treatment. Fees for acupuncture can vary widely. Almost all acupuncture treatment requires multiple visits.  Be sure to discuss insurance, out-of-pocket fees and the typical length of a treatment plan with the practitioner, before you start your treatment.

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