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Figure 18. Above is a coronal MRI of the pelvis and lower back. This illustrates the muscles and how they support the pelvis. Abnormal pull or tension will distort the pelvis which is the foundation o f the spine. We use muscle alignment technique to stabilize the spinal foundation, which strengthens the core.

Figure 19. The muscles work like supporting cables on a ship’s mast, holding the spine straight and aligned.

You just are not likely to change the core of the human body until you right the spine and deal with the muscles that help support it. We make use of a extremely advanced muscle treatment method known as Muscle Alignment Technique to reset the muscles supporting the spinal column. Simply by improving the backbone as well as the muscles assisting it, you can easily result in rapid correction of the weak spinal core. This allows the entire body to recover considerably faster than was believed achievable. Following the plan for treatment right up until soft tissue redesigning has become accomplished as well as scar tissue formation has reorganized provides you with the most effective possibility at long lasting alleviation.

Take one final glance at the patients pictured above. They are relatively common of the outcomes witnessed at our office. There is absolutely no reason you can't attain comparable results. It might be a pity if you spent your time and money on therapy which simply hides your own symptoms as well as failed to provide correction of your issue. The decision is yours to make. Contact our appointment center leave a message and a very pleasant person will certainly contact you back to respond to your questions or to make you a scheduled appointment. Call now....   

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