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(<<< back)  With this information the doctor can devise a specific neurological rehabilitation program for each patient based on the findings of a functional (as opposed to structural) comprehensive examination. Since we now know that whiplash leads to malfunction in the nervous system, treating it based on restoring lost function determined from information derived from a thorough functional neurological assessment is likely to help many more whiplash patients than current therapy. Surely, we expect that a functional neurological approach to whiplash injury will produce better long term outcomes than the current one-in-two results of traditional care.

With traditional treatments, 1-in-two patients are at risk for lifelong, neurologically driven, pain hypersensitivity. Chiropractic neurology deals with the function of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. This allows us to pinpoint areas of the nervous system than may look normal on an MRI, but function poorly. Using techniques like balance assessment and targeting tests we often can identify structures in the nervous system that need treatment and then design a specific rehabilitation program for them. A new and promising approach to chronic whiplash problems.


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